Scott Pilgrim Trailer This Friday... But Only In The UK?

The Good News: BleedingCool has learned that a 83-second teaser trailer for Edgar Wright's big screen adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will premiere this Friday. London /Film readers take note: the teaser trailer for Scott Pilgrim will be attached to prints of Kick-Ass, which hits theaters in the UK this Friday.The Bad News: The trailer might only be seen in the UK this weekend.

But don't expect to see it attached to Kick-Ass when the bloody vulgar superhero film adaptation eventually hits theaters in the States three weeks later...  The only reason it is attached to Kick-Ass abroad is because Scott Pilgrim's distributor Universal Pictures, is also releasing Kick-Ass in the UK, while Lionsgate owns the domestic rights.

We have no idea when the trailer will be released theatrically domestically. I assume that the teaser will probably premiere online sometime next week, but that is just a guess on my part. I've also heard that it might end up on MSN on Thursday... we'll see. Keep it tuned to /Film for the latest, as we'll post the trailer as soon as it becomes available.