Breaking Bad Returns Tonight With A Dark-As-Ever Episode

Usually the season premiere of a television series doesn't necessitate a post at /Film—cue the "This is not /TV!" commentators—but Breaking Bad is an exception. Several of our staffers feel the AMC drama is the best series going, and one or two of us would gladly argue it ranks with the best ever. At 10 p.m. tonight EST, the third season will kick off, and without spoiling anything, it sees Walter White and Jesse Pinkman not so much picking up the pieces from last year's explosive finale as staring at them in acceptance, anger, denial, refuged in the (de)humanizing emotional nooks the series consistently explores without compare.

Tonight's episode, entitled "No Mas," is directed by star Bryan Cranston, who previously directed last year's premiere, "Seven Thirty-Seven," and has the bizarre pleasure of introducing viewers to two of the most warped and relentless criminals the series, and Mr. W and Jesse P, have ever seen. I'm curious to hear how fans receive these reaper-like creations and the murderous aura that surrounds them.

Similar to last year, /Film will offer regular recaps and analysis for the duration of the season, and starting tonight, we welcome our readers' insights, thoughts, and favorite Pinkman quotes in the comments. So far, nothing tops "Yeah science!" from season one. For a post by David Chen on the awesome participation of Brick director, Rian Johnson, in the third season, click here, and for Adam Quigley's mini-review of the season two DVD, click here.  Beware of spoilers in the comments.