Peter's Thoughts On The Post Converted Clash Of The Titans 3D Footage

At Warner Bros presentation at ShoWest, we were shown 7-10 minutes of Clash of the Titans clips, which were upconverted and presented in 3D. I will be completely honest — it did not look great. It looked passable. General audiences might not notice the difference, but they will feel it.

To me, the live-action post-converted 3D footage looked very unnatural. At times the characters appeared to stand out like cardboard cutouts, while other times they appeared to be graphed to a computer generated 3D model, and it just looked odd. The computer animated elements look a bit better, but as a whole it was a subpar experience.

Later in the presentation we were shown the trailer for Zack Snyder's Legends of the Guardians in 3D, and the comparison was night and day. Snyder's film, which was created in 3D (not using the same post process), showed a huge amount of depth, while the Clash footage looked like a trick, and not much more. I really hope that Warner Bros takes a different stance on 3D production in the future.

If all of the tentpole films are going to be distributed in 3D, WB needs to start shooting them in 3D as well. If they don't, the post converted 3D films will probably negatively effect the mainstream public's perception of the digital 3D format as a whole.

Later in the presentation, while introducing Christopher Nolan's Inception, he called the movie "a grand scale film". It is definitely being set up as a tentpole movie, but it remains unconfirmed if Nolan's film will also be converted to 3D. They definitely have the time, as Clash was converted in a record three months.