LucasFilm Is Developing Star Wars: Galactic Heroes Animated Television Series?

The good news is that LucasFilm is developing a new Star Wars television project.

The bad news is that it is another animated series focused towards children, but this time an even younger demographic.

According to IESB, Lucas is in preproduction on an animated series based on the Star Wars: Galactic Heroes toys. If you've ever been in the Star Wars isle of the toy store, you probably would have noticed the small cutesy toys geared to pre-schoolers. The show is also going to be geared towards the same demographic. The working title is supposedly "Squishies", which sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

I'm still waiting for Lucas to develop a new Star Wars film or tv show geared towards the adults that grew up with the series. We've been hearing about the development of the Star Wars television series for years now, but there have been no signs that it will enter production any time soon.