More Kick-Ass 2 Details

Over the weekend, Kick-Ass premiered at the South by Southwest festival to rapturous reception, and screened to press in New York this evening. While I've seen a few voices on twitter that aren't impressed (that's to be expected) by and large the film is being eaten up left and right. Perhaps it is inevitable, then, that a sequel truly seems like a foregone conclusion. One was promised by director Matthew Vaughn some time ago, but if this movie had landed with a thud, the promises could have evaporated.

With the level of success high so far, original comic writer Mark Millar is being hit up left and right for details on his sequel mini-series, and as is often the case with Millar, he's happy to talk about it. He's happy to drop spoilers, too, so be careful.

We already went into some detail on this last week, based on info published in the Kick-Ass movie companion book.

Cutting right to the chase, Mark Millar told Film School Rejects, "There will be a sequel. There's just no doubt about's not being cocky with it. I love it. Everyone I know is really happy with it...and we could do a sequel relatively inexpensively." Confidence!

Millar tells Cinematical that he'll be getting to work shortly on the new stories. "I'm going to start writing in April and Johnny [Romita, artist] will hopefully have it out by September, to cash in on that DVD," Millar says, probably half joking. "We'll definitely see more of Hit Girl. I think we've stumbled onto the new Han Solo, there's just something about this character that, from the minute she appears, we just went insane for her. We just loved her."

What will we see for villains in the sequel? Here's where the big spoilers kick in, though the first point is one already known to those who've been following the whole story so far: "Red Mist becomes the Joker to [Kick-Ass], you know? But we're talking about another villain as well," Millar says, "so he'll almost be a sidekick to this other guy. My working [name is] somewhere between the motherf***er and the c**ts. That's the two names I'm thinking of. I mean, it's better than the Joker, isn't it?" [io9]

Clarifying things a bit later on, at the NYC premiere tonight the title of the second series was reportedly mentioned as Balls to the Wall, which had been mentioned as the working title back in December, and Millar said that the new villain would be Mother F***er. [CHUD]