Oscar-Winning Logorama Duo To Direct New Short Promoting Ghost Recon Video Game Series

You've hopefully seen Logorama, the CGI animated film that won the best animated short Oscar on Sunday night. Credited to the French team H5, which is made up of François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy and Ludovic Houplain, the short has led to a lot of curiosity about whether we might see a feature that displays some of the same filmmaking chops and sense of playful anarchy.

Now it seems that Alaux and de Crécy are moving into live-action, though not quite in the typical manner. They'll direct a short to tie in with French video game publisher Ubisoft's upcoming title Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Alaus and de Crécy will make a 20-minute live-action film to promote Future Soldier, which is due out at the end of this year. Children of Men co-writer Tim Sexton is writing the project, says THR, and the short film will set up the events of the game. The budget is between $8-10m, and will be produced by RSA, Ridley and Tony Scott's commercial company. Does this mean that a good turn from these two might see them working with feature production company Scott Free in the not-too distant future? Doesn't seem like a stretch to guess yes.

Future Soldier is the fourth full installment of the Ghost Recon series, which has also seen numerous expansion packs that aren't set up as full sequels. Little is known about the game, which was formally announced in January. The teaser is embedded below. (I would embed Logorama, but in the wake of the Oscars all embeds I've found have been removed. If you know of one, mention it in the comments, please.)

Meanwhile, Anne Thompson got a good quote from Logorama producer Nicolas Schmerkin explaining the approach H5 took to the film. Logorama, he said, is "not about America. It's about our modern western world. So it also applies to France and Buenos Aires, where I am from, so it's not about Americans. It's about the way we live and the way we react to these logos. The brain can register 14 logos in less than one second. Making the logos characters with sets and props is about what we're living. I'm not talking about what the logos represent. They're used for what they are."