Tron Legacy Movie Trailer

The trailer for Tron Legacy has appeared online via a viral puzzle campaign that jumps off from the multi-city scavenger hunt launched a couple weeks ago. You can check out the Flynn Lives viral site if you like, but for those who just want the very pretty computerized goods, you can skip right to the good stuff, after the break.

The trailer opens as Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) tells Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) that he unexpectedly heard a signal from Sam's father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges). That leads to Sam poking around the old Flynn's Arcade, where he finds evidence that his father has been doing some sort of mysterious work. This work could "change, medicine, religion." Within a secret back room (accessed through a Tron machine, just like the light cycle gallery at Comic Con) Sam finds a gateway to a new digital world.

The footage looked great when I saw it in 3D in front of Alice, but I love being able to go frame by frame through the digital world in HD. The stuff Joseph Kosinski and crew have come up with looks beautiful. Just compare this to the proof of concept / VFX test footage from Comic Con. The designs are far more interesting, and the world looks just as I would have liked to see it. Good stuff all around. (And, yeah, I'll say it: fantastic eye candy shot of Olivia Wilde, too.)

And that Daft Punk tune on the soundtrack fits perfectly. I can see this track being like the new version of the Requiem for a Dream music, and appearing in endless trailers in years to come. Very much looking forward to hearing the entire score.

If you miss anything, check out 70 high resolution screencaptures from the trailer over here. Head to to see the trailer in High Definition.

[Trailer link via the comments section at FirstShowing.]