Video Blog: Tron Legacy Movie Trailer Premiere In Los Angeles

I just returned home from the Tron Legacy event in Los Angeles, held at The Bridge IMAX Theatre. The event was actually to premiere the first Tron Legacy movie trailer, which will be attached to Alice in Wonderland next week.

After the jump you can watch a short 10-minute video blog I recorded with Alex of FirstShowing after the screening. We talk about the viral that led to this event, the event itself and peoples reactions. I try to give a brief description of the trailer, and we give our short thoughts on the trailer itself. I was going to joke about how we recorded a 10 minute video review of a two minute trailer, but as you can see, its much more than that. For those of you who don't want to watch the video, I've also included a few thoughts in text below.

Watch the video blog below:

For those of you not following along, this event is the result of the recent /ZeroHour viral event/game. A page was unlocked which allowed those participants to register for a free ticket to "an exclusive limited event" at IMAX Theatres in five cities around the world: New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney.

High and unrealistic expectations led to many people twittering their frustrations that they traveled far, waited in line for hours, were forced to check in their cell phones, only to sit down for a two-minute trailer which will be in theaters in five and a half days (and probably online before that). I can understand why people would be frustrated as the site promised "an event" and not a trailer premiere. It should have been marketed as what it is. It is unfair to expect more footage as the film is still 10 months away from release, and most of the special effects are far from complete. I would have loved to have seen Disney screen the original Tron before the premiere of the new trailer. That would have been a cool way to introduce audiences to the original. Although, I have a feeling one of the future viral games will lead to nationwide screenings of the original film.

In Los Angeles it was handled much differently than other cities as director Joseph Kosinski and writer/producer Steven Lisberger (who directed the original Tron) were in attendance to conduct a 20 minute question and answer session. However, not much in terms of new information was revealed. We also got a chance to see the trailer for a second time.

I'll give you my thoughts on the trailer. I thought it was awesome. I wish we could have seen more footage from the computer world, but I also understand that as the first trailer, they need to tease the story. I'm actually kind of surprised that we got to see as much as we did. They could have easily released a teaser that ended with Flynn's son finding the secret room in Flynn's Arcade, and revealing the laser from the original film. Title Card. Shot of light cycles. But they showed much more than that, and I think fans will be pleased. I am very happy with the minimalistic designs. They are faithful to the concepts presented in the original, but have been completely modernized and are taken to the next level.

And seeing the world of Tron in 3D on the HUGE IMAX screen, was just fantastic. can't wait to see a light-cycle chase with the huge screen immersing me in the action. Alex noticed that the footage from the real world was presented in 2D, while the footage set inside the computer was presented in 3D.