Daniel Radcliffe And Lily Rabe Cast In The Lucky One?

Update: Killer Films has contacted us and issued the following statement "Christine Vachon of Killer Films is not producing The Lucky One.  To the best of my knowledge neither Daniel Radcliffe or Lily Rabe is attached to star in the project." The original story follows:

I think we now know what Daniel Radcliffe is going to do when he gets through with the final Harry Potter films in the next month or two. It would seem that he and Lily Rabe have been cast in Doug McGrath's upcoming The Lucky One, adapted from the novel by Nicholas Sparks. Sparks and McGrath seem like odd bedfelows – the director has adapted books before, bringing us Emma, Nicholas Nickleby and Infamous, but they were rather more literary works, shall we say, than a Sparks novel would tend to be.

The Lucky One tells of US Marine Logan Thibault who finds a snapshot of a young woman when on duty in Iraq and feels that it brings him a tidal wave of good luck. After his tour is done and he returns to America, he sets off on a journey to track down the woman in his photograph. She's Elizabeth, a young mother who is now divorced, and I suppose it's inevitable she'll begin an affair with Thibault at some point, seeing as who wrote the story and all.

I'm assuming Radcliffe and Rabe will have the lead roles. Their names come from tweets by Christine Vachon, the producer of Infamous as well as pretty much every Todd Haynes movie and both of Tom Kalin's pictures.

Heading to Doug McGrath's script reading, starring Daniel Radcliffe–

Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe were AMAZING together!

Now, while she doesn't mention which movie this is, the actors fit the roles, and we already knew McGrath was adapting this particular Sparks book. Furthermore, a recent interview with Sparks at Collider saw the author say "I think they start filming The Lucky One in May". I'm sure we have a match.

Because I know that McGrath himself has written the latest draft of the screenplay, I'm feeling rather better about this than I would ever expect with a Spark adaptation. I think the overflowing emotionality will still be present, but am now hopeful that it will be grounded, earned and portrayed with shading.