Geoff Johns Tweets Confirmation That Mark Strong Will Be Sinestro

Regular Green Lantern comics scribe Geoff Johns has today tweeted about his trip to "Green Lantern town a.k.a. New Orleans!!". According to his first tweet "Ryan IS Hal. And Mark Strong is going to be a brilliant Sinestro" and according to his second, "Kilowog, the Guardians, Oa...all breathtaking. The age of Green Lantern is upon us!!"

So, we've learned that he's fond of double exclamation marks, even when operating under a 140 character limit, and that Mark Strong has indeed taken the role of Sinestro. Back on January 15th he was "in talks".

Sinestro, if you're not aware, is a Green Lantern corps. instructor turned nemesis of Hal Jordan. the story's hero. It's the sort of thing Strong could do in his sleep.