Cool Stuff: Unobtanium T-Shirt

Many critics and moviegoers alike have laughed at Avatar's element of value — Unobtanium. For those of you who don't know, Unobtanium is not a real element, but is a real word used in the world of science. Derived from unobtainable + -ium, Wikipedia says the word is used to refer to "any extremely rare, costly, or physically impossible material needed to fulfill a given design for a given application." And while it isn't explained in the film itself, Cameron's original scriptment explains that the element was given the faux scientific joke term, and it stuck. Anyhow, /Film reader churrs27 pointed me towards this awesome Unobtanium t-shirt on Busted Tees. Printed on Royal Blue Na'vi-colored t-shirt, and available for $20.