Leonardo Di Caprio Considering Prisoners; Commitment Depends On Who Directs

Aaron Guzikawski's hot-sale script Prisoners has certainly been around the block a few times, and in public too. The latest status report comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily who have Leonardo Di Caprio in the frame to take a lead role.

They note that Leo is rather selective about which directors he works with, so his commitment hinges on who signs up to replace Antoine Fuqua in the canvas chair.

Previously: Mark Wahlberg was attached to the script even before it was sold, Bryan Singer considered coming on board and Hugh Jackman was reportedly lined up for one of the two male leads. It's not clear from this new report if either Wahlberg or Jackman would remain onboard opposite Di Caprio.

If Leo does sign on, he'll apparently make another film first. Frankly, I'm amazed Prisoners still has so much momentum and I'll be truly gobsmacked to see it survive another long delay. There's certainly some hooks on the script, but it didn't strike me as anything too extraordinary.