Early Buzz: Wall Street 2 Is "A Strong Return To Form For Both Stone And Douglas"

Apparently there was a secret Los Angeles screening last night for Oliver Stone's Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. It must have been pretty exclusive, because I can't seem to find any details in all the usual places. A friend of Jeffrey Wells' friend attended, and wrote up a short review for Hollywood Elsewhere. Here is a short excerpt:

"...it's a strong return to form for both Stone and Douglas. It also proves Shia can play with the big boys. A surprisingly satirical movie. It's the first time I've heard a Stone movie described as 'fun.'"... "It's an entertaining movie with Shia a better match for Douglas than Sheen, who was a stiff. It's a sardonic, slightly satirical film with Josh Brolin and particularly Frank Langella scoring well." ... "Stone handles the show without either his heavy left hand or his neutered right one that made W not what we'd hoped it. Douglas is the big-ticket item, of course, and revisiting this character is clearly a joy for him..."

Wells also got word from Wall Street 2 producer Ed Pressman, calling "Oliver's first cut ... brilliant, witty, complex and emotionally powerful. I couldn't be happier." But what else is the producer of the film going to say? Head on over to Elsewhere to read the full comments and more. I dugg the last international trailer quite a bit (aside from them possibly giving too much away) and now I'm even more excited to hear the film might actually be good.