James Cameron Talks Avatar 2, Terminator 5 & 6, Spider-Man Reboot, Batman Movies, How Hollywood Is Getting 3D Wrong, And His Oscar Chances

MTV recently sat down with director James Cameron, and the result is a bunch of interesting, but not necessarily newsworthy, bits. I've embedded some of the more interesting video clips after the jump.

Cameron talks about the Avatar Sequel, which he confirms will involve the same characters from the first film, including the humans, who he imagines will probably show with another fight:

Cameron comments of Wisher's treatment for Terminator 5 & 6, and explains why he has no desire to return to the series:

Cameron gives advice to Marc Webb on shooting the Spider-Man reboot in 3D, which somehow evolves into Cameron's feelings on the Batman film series.

Cameron talks about how Hollywood is "getting it wrong" with broadcasting 3D with red and blue glasses, and thinking the audiences won't notice that a film was converted into 3D in post production as an after thought. It is refreshing to hear Cameron say this, as this is something I've been saying for over a year now.

Cameron talks about what extra scenes will be featured on the home video release, and how that will be presented. He also reveals that a 3D Blu-ray of Avatar will likely hit store shelves in November. This is a huge surprise as until now Cameron and Fox has said that a 3D blu-ray release would be years off.

And lastly, Cameron talks about his chances come Oscar night, and his response might surprise you: