Lars Von Trier Has No Plans To Remake Taxi Driver

Yesterday, a rumor was quickly making the rounds that Lars von Trier had approached Martin Scorsese at the Berline Film Festival about doing a remake of Taxi Driver, possibly even featuring Robert De Niro, reprising his role as Travis Bickle. The reported plan was to enforce a set of extreme restrictions ala The Five Obstructions. The story sounded crazy... Too crazy. And as expected, it turns out to be also untrue.

Von Trier's business partner Peter Aalbaek Jensen tells ScreenDaily that "what is written" by the Danish film magazine "is not true." He confimed that the two directors had met at the Berlinale but said rumors von Trier wanted to re-make Taxi Driver were "rubbish". So we can all rest easy tonight knowing that Taxi Driver is not being remade... not yet anyways.