The Baster Looking For More Family-Friendly Name?

According to Vulture, test screenings of The Baster have revealed a popular distaste for the title. Okay, in and of itself the title is barely offensive but it would seem these test audiences are finding it a little too on the nose in how it makes the film's central maguffin, a turkey baster used for artificial insemination, too front and center.

The script by Allan Loeb is really rather good, and certainly isn't just lowest common denominator stuff. It's about a switcheroo stunt with a baster full of semen and a women who finds out she may have conceived with the 'help' of a different man to the one intended. In the picture, said woman is Jennifer Aniston so I should hardly be surprised that the studio is looking to keep all sharp edges out of the marketing. I guess they can call it anything they want – Friends: The Movie, if they must – if it means the dopes are more likely to line up with the smarts.