Jake Scott's Sundance Guest Blog #3: More News From The Frontier

Editor's Note: Filmmaker Jake Scott has been blogging his Sundance experience on /Film. You might not know 42-year-old director Jake Scott yet, but you will. You definitely know his father Ridley, the filmmaker behind such films as Alien, Gladiator, and Blade Runner (Jake worked in the editing room during the school holidays). Chances are, you've probably never seen Jake's directorial debut was a 1999 British historical action comedy titled Plunkett & Macleane. He's directed iconic music videos for REM's Everybody Hurts, Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees, The Cranberries' When You're Gone, as well as videos for Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, Live, Blind Melon, Tori Amos, Lily Allen, The Strokes, The Verve, and U2. Jake's second feature film, Welcome to the Rileys premiered in Sundance's US Dramatic competition. The story follows a damaged man on a business trip to New Orleans who is seeking salvation by caring for a wayward young woman. The movie stars James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, and Melissa Leo.

You can read Jake's first blog post herehis second blog here, and his third blog post, after the jump.

buddahMore news from the frontier

Things have chilled down a bit after a MASSIVE Wednesday night. We had the filmmakers dinner where you could meet all the other producers and directors.

Let me introduce you to some of my fellow filmmakers....

Jonathan Schwartz, producer of 'Douchebag'. It's a comedy about two brothers re-uniting. There's lots to make you feel uncomfortable & cross. Great performances and skillful directing by Drake Doremus. Really cool film.


Mark Ruffalo & Chris Thornton, director and screenwriter/actor of 'Sympathy for Delicious' respectively. I first met Mark about 20 years ago when he was a barman and I was working in the art department. We'd talk about all our favorite movies and performances, hoping someday that we'd both make our own films. Of course Mark became an incredible actor, making interesting and daring choices. This is his debut directorial film about a paralyzed DJ who turns to faith healing and struggles with his demons while trying to find himself amidst the temptations of fame & fortune. Chris wrote and starred in the film, giving a powerful & dangerous performance.


Ryan Piers Williams & Ryan O'Nan, director/screenwriter & actor of 'Dryland'. Spoke to these cats for a while. Their film is about a soldier returning from Iraq to a small town in Texas. He has post-traumatic-stress-disorder and struggles to come to terms with his experiences in Iraq but it's so much more than that with an astounding performance by O'Nan. Melissa Leo, who is my film too, plays his Mother and America Ferrera, his wife. Deep, moving stuff & an important subject.

Tamra Davis & David Koh, director & cinematographer of The Radiant Child. Tamra is one of my heroines. She comes from the NY underground art/film scene and while working as a painter there in the 80s shot all this footage of her friend Jean-Michel Basquiat as he rose to art world super stardom. It's a moving homage by a loving and loyal friend.


Saw this band 'Bramble' on Main St and fell in love with their whole vibe. So made a lickle music vid for your pleasure....

My agent David Flynn & his lads


Uber barmaids Nicole & Daria. Say no more.


Now for a little history lesson: Park City was a mining town and by all accounts quite dangerous on payday.


The miners were notoriously wild and used to frequent the local brothels most famously presided over by Shirley, Madame extrodinaire.


The fierce Apache warrior Geronimo. What a glare!


And finally an image from a very beautiful film instillation 'The End' by Ragnar Kjartansson. It's a folk concert given in the Canadian Rocky Mountains by Kjartansson & David Por Jonsson. Really soulful and spatially invigorating. I loved this.


I'll be back.