The Opening Scene Of Lost: Season Six Is Now Online

ABC held a sweepstakes which resulted in 815 winners receiving an exclusive message in a bottle, with a digital key containing the opening scene to the final season premiere of LOST, days before it premieres on television. Sl-lost has photos of one of the winner's bottle, and spoilerfiles has the actual 4-minute scene online, which I have embedded after the jump.

Beware — this is the actual first four minutes of the season six premiere of LOST, Episode LA X. This is not a joke, not a rickroll. Do not watch it now if you don't want to see it until the premiere!

You were warned...

second chance?

Don't blame us...

Here is the opening 4:12 minutes of the Lost Season Six premiere: "LA X"

YouTube backup copy:

And here is what the note in the bottle said: