Green Lantern Concept Art

It's worth remembering that the creation of concept art takes place specifically to explore a wide range of possibilities and to see which design routes will best suit the production, and as such, a piece of concept artwork does not necessarily represent the look of the film. Having said that, such images can sometimes reveal a little about the thought processes taking place, and the approach of the artists who are in the production's employ.

After the break are a series of alleged design drafts for Martin Campbell's upcoming Green Lantern picture. They reveal one possible look of some of the alien characters for the film, a look which will either get you excited or leave you despairing. Either way, don't forget that a) the provenance of these images has not been fully proven and b) they might not be the preferred designs anyway.

Campbell recently said that Kilowog, Abin Sur and Tomar-Re would all appear in the film.

This is the reported design for Kilowog:


And here's Abin Sur and two images of Toma-Re:


The Kilowog images first appeared on Cosmic Book News, the others on the Green Lantern Corps. message board. This is fairly compelling evidence that the images are of legitimate origin, seeing as the style is consistent throughout. I'm buying into this 99% myself.

In strongly related news, Variety have now revealed who will be creating the FX work for the picture. I've very often been disappointed in the CG work of Sony Imageworks but I'll always be prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt, and besides, Kent Houston of Peerless and Karen Goulekas of KEG FX will also be bringing their teams in to work some shots and I like those guys a great deal.

It's looking likely from all of the aliens on display that the Green Lantern picture isn't going to be fully earthbound and that we'll also be headed for Oa. Indeed, in another one of those MTV interview chunks (why can't they just run the whole thing at once, the cheats?), Campbell said that 'quite a bit' of the film will take place outside of Earth's atmosphere.

Images via Screen Rant