Tim Burton To Preside Over Cannes Jury

Of all the world's major film festivals, the Cannes Film Festival is the one where the makeup of the jury is quite notable each year. That's because the personality of the jury seems to have an effect on how awards are doled out. Quentin Tarantino's jury gave Oldboy the Grand Prix, and last year Isabelle Huppert's jury gave top prize to Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon. (Haneke having directed the film that earned Huppert a Best Actress win at Cannes.)

For 2010, the President of the Cannes jury will be Tim Burton. The director has served on both the feature film and short film juries in the past, but this is his first year serving as jury president. He'll oversee eight other chosen artists (actors and directors, mostly) to decide the 2010 festival's selections for the Palme d'Or, Grand Prix, Prix du Jury and awards for Best Actor, Actress, Screenplay and Director. "After spending my early life watching triple features and 48-hour horror movie marathons, I'm finally ready for this," Burton said of his selection.

The Cannes Film Festival runs May 12-23. Read here about the jury's deliberation process for last year's awards.