Domestic Trailer For Mother, From Host Director Bong Joon-Ho

The more we see from Bong Joon-ho's (The Host, Memories of Murder) upcoming film Mother, the more I'm reminded of just how much of a tremendous talent he is. We ran an English-subtitled international trailer for the film over the summer, and now we have the first official domestic trailer. There's some footage that we haven't seen before, but mostly it's just great to finally get a glimpse of this film in HD.

The plot concerns a 27-year-old man who is a bit of a simpleton, and dependent on his very devoted mother (not unlike the lovable idiot Gang-du from The Host). He notices a girl while walking home one night and decides to follow her — only to lose track of her as she disappears into an alley. The next morning the girl is found dead, and the man is accused of her murder. His mother believes he's innocent, and with only maternal instinct to help her, she decides to seek out the truth.

I've grown to love Joon-ho's visual sense over his past two films, and Mother certainly doesn't look to disappoint either. The film seems most akin to Memories of Murder based purely on its subject matter, but the maternal devotion definitely comes straight out of the hilariously-dysfunctional family from The Host.

After this, I'm hoping that Joon-ho can bring his talents over to an entirely different genre. He's done dramas, a police procedural, and a monster movie — but I'd love to see him take on something completely different. A sci-fi (of the non-monster variety) or action film with his skills behind it would be tremendous. He's favored personal stories so far, but he could still apply that preference to other genres quite easily.

Mother will receive a limited release in theaters on March 13, 2010.