Submarino Movie Trailer: New One From Thomas Vinterberg, The Unheralded Hero Of Dogme95

Outside of Europe, Lars Von Trier got all the attention for Dogme 95, the film 'movement' that set down a set of naturalistic rules for directors. But the co-creator of Dogme 95 and director of the first film made under the resulting manifesto was Thomas Vinterberg. His film Festen (The Celebration) is a low-key tour de force, a portrait of family breakdown that toes a nearly undefinable line between satire and tragedy. It instantly established Vinterberg as a talent to watch.

Sadly, Vinterberg's later films haven't hit the same high. It's All About Love is vaguely like a more arthouse version of Southland Tales, while Dear Wendy only seemed to anger audiences. (I think I'm one of the few people who liked it at all.)

But I remain optimistic for each new film from Vinterberg. So here's the trailer for his latest, Submarino, which premieres at the Berlin Film Festival.

The trailer isn't subtitled, but even with Danish dialogue there's enough info to generate some interest. You can easily see that the performances of the excellent Jakob Cedergren and Peter Plaugborg look to be just the right combination of raw and composed. I'm happy to see Vinterberg going back to family drama, and while I hardly expect the same sort of material that made The Celebration so effective, I'm hoping this captures some of the same energy.

Here's the official synopsis:

A story about two estranged brothers, marked by a childhood of gloom. They were separated from each other at a young age by a tragedy that split their entire family. Today, Nick's life is drenched in alcohol and plagued by violence, while his kid brother, a solo-parent, struggles as a junkie to give his son a better life. Their paths cross, making a confrontation inevitable, but is redemption possible?

And the trailer: