Happy Tears Trailer

The first trailer for Mitchell Lichtenstein's follow-up to Teeth is finally here, and embedded below the break, ahead of a limited theatrical release on February 19th and a VOD due date six days later.

Happy Tears appears to be a kind of The Savages-lite comedy about families, particular child-father relationships, and stars Parker Posey, Rip Torn, Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin. The father-kid thing at least makes sense of the title: Happy Tears is also a famous painting by Lichtenstein's pop artist father, Roy.

What isn't obvious from the trailer at all is that there's actually some very surreal touches to the film – one character is seen transformed into a vulture, for example. I think we maybe get a glimpse of one 'dream' sequence in this promo.

Advanced word is that this film has divided audiences and has a few technical shortcomings. A bit like Teeth, then.