Spontaneous Sundance Interviews: Morgan Spurlock And The Safdie Brothers

At Sundance, you never know who you'll bump into. While this can have unforeseen benefits, it can also have some unintended negative consequences.  After the break, hear a brief audio blog I did with documentarian and Sundance juror Morgan Spurlock, as well as a video interview with the Safdie brothers, the directors of Daddy Longlegs. We've also included a story which will show you how it feels when anyone you meet, or even the person sitting next to you on the bus, could be a filmmaker.

I was a huge fan of Super Size Me (and also 30 Days) so when I saw Morgan Spurlock, I couldn't resist the opportunity to chat with him for just a few brief moments. Here's the audio of me accosting him:


We also bumped into the Safdie brothers on the bus. They have a new film coming out at the festival called Daddy Longlegs. I did a brief interview with them:

But our initial encounter with the Safdie Brothers didn't exactly go that smoothly. Peter and I explain what happened in this video: