Clive Owen To Star In Soldier Vs. Mexican Gangs Actioner, Protection

According to the latest twitter actions of Production Weekly, it's been all change both behind and in front of the camera with action drama Protection. Luckily for us, they're both changes for the better with original director Simon West out in favour of B:13 Ultimatum's Patrick Alessandrin and Paul Walker traded in for Clive Owen (the old line-up's details were published by Screen Daily around the time of Cannes last year).

The new team are still working from Brandon Noonan's script, about which I know very little. Screen say that the lead character is "a disgraced former Special Forces soldier who takes on Mexican gangs in an attempt to rescue a judge's daughter."

It's just the talent that makes this interesting for me so far. Will Alessandrin follow in the sure footsteps of his B:13 predecessor Pierre Morel? And how will Clive Owen do as an action man in something presumably less cartoony than Shoot 'Em Up? Expect to see this marketed as a kind of Taken Too.