Early Buzz: Ten Reviews From A Test Screening Of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Edgar Wright's big screen adaptation of the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim vs. The World held a early test screening in Las Vegas tonight, and a few early reviews have hit the interwebs. Of course, it should be noted that these people did not see the finished version of the movie, but an early cut, without finished effects, which could very well turn out much different from the final cut. That said, the early reviews are very positive. Check out early thoughts from nine different people, after the jump.

Maria Von Crapp tells AICN: "I think the biggest takeaway for me from seeing Scott Pilgrim tonight is how much comedy comes from the visuals in it. Every scene is packed with on-screen graphics that add comic-book flourishes or explain what's going on, cutaways that are for the most part really inventive and funny, or just over the top or out of the blue things that cause you to experience the film in a different way than you're used to. While it's not really like anything I've seen before, it's like some mash-up of elements from Fight Club, Kill Bill, Speed Racer, Natural Born Killers and a Michael Cera movie (take your pick). As schizophrenic as that sounds, Edgar Wright found a way to shake all that up and come out with something original and fun and fundamental." ... "It's kind of like a John Hughes movie smashed into The Matrix." ... "Like he did in his other movies, Edgar Wright really pushes the genre into whole new areas. This has to be the world's first coming of age/romance/superhero/comic book adaptation/musical/comedy/whatever movie. It has some traces of things you've seen before but not blended together in this way." Read the full review on AICN

Ewok1 tells SHH: "Pure 8-bit amazingness!" ... "the movie is definitely a nerdgasm" ... "it was a very well played out movie, pretty true to the actual comic series." ... "Michael Cera was a perfect cast for Scott Pilgrim, as well as the girl who played Knives Chau (Ellen Wong)." ... "Overall the movie was excellent!!!" Read the full review on SHH

oatmeal on Neogaf: "Right off the bat, I knew I was going to love it. The Universal Logo was rendered in 8 bit with the Universal theme a MIDI version. Awesome. I knew I was again going to love it when the familiar opening from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past (triforce spinning) cued the opening shot, a tilt down to an exterior of a house. Awesome. From there, it was a mixture of Edgar Wright's usual frenetic camerawork with some unbelievably slick transitions, and while I knew nothing about the story behind the comics, I knew from the start it would be a fun ride." ... "we get to see just why Edgar Wright is, IMO, one of the most talented filmmakers out there. The fight scenes in this film are ludicrous. They are incredibly high energy, completely unique from one another, and a total riot." ... "I know it doesn't come out until August 17th, but what they have right now (other than some rough audio patches and a lot of unfinished effects) is pretty damn remarkable. Edgar Wright has once again knocked it out of the park. I don't know how commercial this film can be, due to it's subject matter (it's basically for nerds only, my wife liked it, but not nearly as much as I did), but Goddamnit it's awesome." Read the full review on Neogaf

JooseBocks on twitter: "Just watched the screening for "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World". Shit is like Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist and Street Fighter in one lmao "

jayboogie82 on twitter: "Scott pilgrim vs. The world was a entertaining film with Michael cera. Look for it late summer."

Taelah on Twitter: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is soooo fun! That movie was soooo good! Can't wait for it to come out! So silly!

helen medina on twitter: "Saw an advanced Screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Really funny. I give it 3.8 out of 5 stars."

AndyAlvarez on twitter: "Just saw a screening for SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. Good stuff. Will look even better after post production i'm sure. Good. Clever. Original. It has a feeling of dragging especially towards the end."

KilluhK on Twitter: Just watched scott pilgrim vs the world! Talk about awesome! Yay for special screenings!

Cristian Maroquin on Twitter: So I got invited to the movie screening for "Scott Pilgrim VS the Universe" wich is comin out soon and it was truly funny and original LOL..