By Downey's Beard - Is Tony Stark Going To Cameo In Thor? Or Are There Just Iron Man 2 Reshoots Ahead?

When Robert Downey Jr. took the stage at the Golden Globes this weekend, he was wearing a rather famous beard, recognizable and beloved to geeks worldwide. Yep – for some reason, he'd come looking just like Iron Man's alter ego, Tony Stark. And this wasn't a glue-on, this was something he'd cultivated over recent weeks in order, one would assume, to get his Stark on again, and soon.

But why? Are there Iron Man 2 reshoots going on? Or does Stark have a cameo in the currently-shooting Thor movie?

There's a pretty solid run-down of most possibilities at CHUD. Devin says that he's heard talk from numerous sources that Iron Man 2 reshoots are on the cards, so immediately that sounds like a ready-made explanation. Of course, he also reminds us that Thor will be hitting screens in the run-up to The Avengers, so some kind of Tony Stark cameo would make perfect sense.

Another possibility is that both of these possibilities are going to come true. But that's still not all.

There's a chance that Downey's beard is there for some ancillary filming. Commercials that feature the character, say, or inserts for a video game. Neither of these is off the map, I'd say, if still less likely than the reshoot explanation.