Star Wars Burlesque

Kristen Bell's cosplay in Fanboys not quite enough for you? Then get set for a trip to LA club Bordello in March when they'll be reprising their successful Star Wars burlesque night. Below the break you can see some images from Saturday night's premiere performance.

What a curious spectacle. I think that the snaps of Scarlet O'Gasm as Jabba the Hutt will probably prove to be an... er... acquired taste. The other pictures are more predictable, if one can say such a thing about a fembot C3-PO in nipple tassles, body paint and not much more. Leia's slave girl bikini made it's inevitable appearance courtesy of Olivia Bellafontaine, though there's a lot more creativity on display in how other Star Wars outfits have been made suitably skimpy.


Via LA Weekly.