More Additions To Soderbergh's Knockout: Channing Tatum And Antonio Banderas

Last week when the fantastic slate of name actors was announced for Steven Soderbergh's spy/action film Knockout, we were teased with the info that one more name was yet to be revealed. Now we've got that name, and I'm guessing it's not one that most of you are going to be quite as interested in. But what the hell, in a fight film I figure Channing Tatum might be able to do some acceptable work, and maybe Soderbergh can teach him a thing or two. Read who he'll play, after the break.

The Playlist, which seemingly has bugged the phones in Soderbergh's office, has the details on Tatum's casting. He plays Aaron, one of the guys in the black-ops unit that counts lead Gina Carano among its members. He's "a military gearhead-type who's sent to try and bring her back in once she's been double-crossed and gone rogue." The site's informed supposition is that the role isn't a huge one. So those who love Soderbergh and are intrigued by this film, but potentially put off by Tatum, might not have reason to worry.

There's also the news that Antonio Banderas is in talks to join the cast as a late addition. He'd be the head of a European unit similar to Carano's. Incidentally, the same weekend Playlist report also has a pretty serious breakdown of the characters cast so far, including a lot of details that are to be considered spoilerish.

Couple other details on the movie: Soderbergh's Oceans collaborator David Holmes is doing the score, which is supremely appealing. The stuff Holmes has done for the director so far is aces.

Locations for the film are being scouted now for a February shoot. Current sites include Barcelona, Dublin and New Mexico. An August release is on Lionsgate's calendar — fast turnaround for most, but for Soderbergh just standard operating procedure. Even better, given Carano's MMA past, Lionsgate's approach and the overall idea behind the film, I could see the studio bringing this one to Comic Con — a first, I think, for Soderbergh, and a potentially entertaining thing if it happens.