Jon Favreau's Cowboys And Aliens To Shoot In July, Possibly In 3D?

We've known for a while that Jon Favreau would likely follow Iron Man 2 with Cowboys and Aliens, which has been in development at DreamWorks for quite some time. Robert Downey, Jr. will star in the film, which jumps off from the idea that warring cowboys and natives might put aside their differences when beset by a common foe: aliens.

Now, in a Daily Beast article on the aftermath of Avatar's billion-dollar justification for 3D filmmaking, Kim Masters says the film will shoot in July, and that it may be Favreau's first foray into 3D. "The Avatar factor could make the difference on Cowboys and Aliens, a DreamWorks project to be directed by Jon Favreau that starts shooting in July," Masters writes.

That's the first we've heard of the project since Favreau was named as likely director. If the July shoot is really happening, there won't be much time to get the project up to full steam after Iron Man 2 is finished for a May open. The schedule isn't impossible; just demanding for Favreau.