VOTD: Toy Story Flashback: John Lasseter And Pete Docter In 1995

/Film reader Ezequiel G points me towards a video that was recently uploaded to the official Disney/Pixar youtube page. The video is a flashback to 1995, fifteen years ago, as we get to listen and watch a conversation between John Lasseter and Pete Docter as they figure out the how to best bring to life what a character says through their movements for the original Toy Story film.

Of course, this is years before Docter went on to direct Monsters Inc or Up, and a look at Lasseter, making his feature directorial debut, before he became a major force in Hollywood.I've always preferred these more "fly on the wall" looks at the movie making process, and wish more movie studios would release this kind of footage as opposed to glossy featurette documentaries.

I really love the fact that Disney is beginning to put this kind of stuff online. The only frustrating thing is that they have disabled embedding of their clips. They seem to understand the importance of putting their clips on YouTube, but don't fully understand that clips need to be embeddable to go viral now-a-days. Basically, what I'm saying is — you need to click this link to see the video.