LOL: James Cameron Addicted To Special Effects

I wouldn't be bringing up yet another James Cameron-related story if it wasn't totally worth it. Earlier this month, the online sketch comedy series LandlineTV put together a hilarious look at what a drug-addicted Cameron would look like. And of course, his drug of choice is special effects. Even if you're tired of Cameron news, or are an Avatar hater, this sketch is still worth a look — if only for the schadenfreude.

Check out the video after the break.

View the video below (but be warned, it has some NSFW language):

While I'm sure things never got this bad for the real James Cameron (at least, I hope not), the sketch works because we all know very well how much Cameron loves his toys. I could also see this concept applying to many other directors with similarly hilarious results. For example: Michael Bay's addiction to explosions, Wes Anderson's addiction to slow-mo music-driven scenes, and Tarantino's addiction to overlong dialog.

The video also works because it features better than average production and acting than your typical web series. It's little wonder why this group was picked up by Revision3.

While it's fun to joke, when it comes to Avatar, I'm grateful that we have someone like Cameron around willing to push technological boundaries — even if it seems to bring out the hater brigade every time he does so. I'm just hoping he pays more attention to the script in the Avatar sequels. There's surely another hilarious video waiting to be made that stitches together all of the atrocious lines from the film.