Geek Deal: The Complete Monty Python's 16 Ton Megaset: Flying Circus For $35

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Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day today is The Complete Monty Python's 16 Ton Megaset: Flying Circus for only $34.99, 65% off the $100 suggested retail price. As with any of the Gold Box Deals of the Day, the price will only be good for 24 hours, so get it while you can.

This unassuming case is packed with 16 tons of funny: 14 discs of MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS, packed with every episode from the programme's four year run, plus 2 MONTY PYTHON LIVE! discs featuring–well, you figure it out. While to the uninitiated they may look like ordinary .65 oz. digital video discs, due to the unique physics of comedy (it's like quantum but with fewer dead cats), each disc actually weighs a full metaphoric ton! Please remember to lift with your knees. This 16-Ton Megaset contains every single episode of MONTY PYTHONG'S FLYING CIRCUS–four years of blood, sweat and blancmange–jammed into slivers of plastic the size of a tea plate and MONTY PYTHON LIVE!–Legendary live performances, the 20-year celebration of Monty Python Parrot Sketch Not Included, and the all-German Monty Python's Fligender Zirkus episode #1 squashed like pancakes. Sad, really. Jump right to your favorite sketches in The Flying Circus with this index!

  • Disc 1: The Funniest Joke in the World, The Wrestling Episode, and Nudge Nudge,
  • Disc 2: Art Critic, Silly Job Interview, and Crunchy Frog,
  • Disc 3: Dead Parrot, Lumberjack Song, and Vocational Guidance Counselor,
  • Disc 4: Undertaker's Film, Upperclass Twit of the Year, and Albatross,
  • Disc 5: The Ministry of Silly Walks, The Spanish Inquisition, and Complaints,
  • Disc 6: The Bishop, Blackmail, and Dung,
  • Disc 7: Attila the Nun, Silly Vicar, and Exploding Penquin on the TV Set,
  • Disc 8: Scott of the Antarctic, Dirty Hungarian Phrase-book, and Exploding Blue Danube,
  • Disc 9: Icelandic Saga, Fish-Slapping Dance, and Argument Clinic,
  • Disc 10: 'Blood, Devastation, War, and Horror', Mount Everest – Hairdresser Expedition, and Gumby Brain Specialists,
  • Disc 11: Cheese Shop, A Naked Man, and The Olympic Hide and Seek Final,
  • Disc 12: Elizabethan Pornography Smugglers, Kamikaze Scotsman, and Penguins,
  • Disc 13: Montgolfier Brothers, Department Store, and RAF Banter,
  • Disc 14: Hamlet and Ophelia, Mr. Neutron, and Most Awful Family in Britain,
  • Disc 15: Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Monty Python Live at Aspen,
  • Disc 16: Parrot Sketch Not Included, Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus: German Episode #1