Transformers Writer John Rogers Scripting Comic Book Adaptation The Forgotten

Evan Young and Jareth Grealish are the co-writers of the comic book series the forgotten, officially all in lower case like that. It's a murder mystery series featuring a lead character with one very unusal power , "the ability to reach out with his own mind to anyone he sees, anyone he meets, anyone on the street and make them forget about him completely." This mysterious man sets about trying to solve the murder of a stripper and comes in contact with a lot of nasty folk that I'd want to forget about me too.

It was a complete, standalone story, originally published as a monthly series then collected into a single volume which was then optioned by John Wells and Don Murphy's Angry Films earlier this year, and just recently, their option has been renewed.

Asked for progress on the project, Grealish said:

A well established screenwriter is now attached to the project. While we're not at liberty to disclose his name, I can assure you the guy has some very impressive credentials. The take that he and our producers have on the forgotten is top-notch. Evan and I are very excited about where they are taking it.

John Rogers wrote the first draft of the first Transformers film and ended up with a story credit on the finished work. He also attained a certain amount of cult notoriety for his scrapped TV pilot adaptation of Global Frequency. I've yet to see his TV series Leverage but I'm told it's good (right?).

Had Rogers work on the film not been going somewhere good, Wells and Angry Films could very easily have let the option slide but they didn't and that's pretty encouraging.