Toy Story 3 Clip

Initially planned to debut during tonight's screening of The Incredibles on the ABC Family Channel, our first extended look at Toy Story 3 series has already rolled up online. As you'd expect, it's something wonderful and you can see it after the break.

Director Lee Unkrich appears in an introduction before the new scene and an outro at the end, but there's no new revelations in what he has to tell us. This clip is all about the footage from the film.

Kudos to Coming Soon for sourcing this already.

Did you spot that the shots in which Andy drops Jessie into the bag echo a beat from Woody's nightmare near the start of Toy Story 2? And seeing him hold Buzz and Woody like that calls back to shots in both of the previous films, I believe. It still all feels so fresh, though, and nothing like a lumpen string of in-jokes and references because all of these beats are necessary and tell us the story.

The biggest, most exciting story point in the clip for me was the revelation of Andy's different feelings towards Woody and Buzz. That's the seed for some brilliant material, I'm sure.

Though we see the repercussions of there being two look alike black bags, the pay off to there being twin cardboard boxes still needs to be guessed at. I think there's a pretty clear clue in one of the recently released pictures, though. The official synopsis makes it clear that the toys are headed to the Sunnyside Day Care centre, the fun will be in seeing just how they wind up there, I guess.

I'd be interested to find out if this is temp score. We know that some days of recording have been completed by Randy Newman and the orchestra, so this could very easily be a fully completed sequence, exactly as we'll see it in cinemas, scale, resolution and 3D aside. At this size at least the CG rendering looks complete, and very nice indeed.