Valentine's Day Movie Trailer

Perhaps the least surprising thing about the new trailer for Valentine's Day is the final card that tells us the film will be released in February. That's going some, though, because there's absolutely nothing in the whole thing that will catch you off guard in any way. Judge for yourself, because we have it embedded below the break.

Is this familiarity a crippling thing though? The movie is certainly a star studded affair and seems to have lots of comic situations and broad scope for complex romantic entanglements. Those are the generic requirements for a picture like this aren't they? Perhaps the truly clever twists and plot surprises are being kept back for when you're actually watching the film. That was certainly the case with He's Just Not That Into You, Love Actually and Feast of Love, the three films this one most closely resembles. I know that Joe Jonas is credited as providing the voice of a dog so that's... something different, anyway.

Here's the trailer, courtesy of a First Showing embed, or you may wish to see all of the pretty people in high definition at Moviefone.

I'm not really clear on whether or not the Roberts ladies Julia and Emma are playing related characters or not – IMDB doesn't give Julia's character a surname – but I really would have thought so.

This would also be a good place to tell you my anecdote about being in a restaurant with Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift a couple of weeks ago but for the fact that there's not really any good place for anecdotes like that. Suffice to say, they do seem to be having a real relationship, though under the watchful gaze of everybody else in the room, it wasn't a very touchy-feely one. Maybe they can break up just in time to give the movie a good publicity boost? Swift's last line about hype seems certain to brew up a little chatter in the gossip blog circles anyway, a 'Paul is Dead' for the US Weekly crowd.