VOTD: Rodrigo Blaas' Alma

Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas took time off to make his directorial debut with an animated short film titled Alma. Originally from Spain, Rodrigo Blaas has worked in animation for more than ten years, and was able to collect some of the best artists in the field to be part of his independent project: French animator Bolhem Bouchiba, character designer Carlos Grangel and Sergio Pablos, ArtDirector Alfonso Blaas, music composer Mastretta and sound designer Tom Myers.

At the 2009 Fantastic Fest, I was on the jury for Best Animated Short film, and fought hard for Alma. And while I was unable to convince my fellow jurors to name the movie Best Animated Short Film, we were able to award the film with a "special mention", which is basically the runners up prize. The short tells the story of a young girl who becomes intrigued by the contents of a mysterious toy shop. Watch the short film embedded after the jump.

via: nerdcore