James Cameron's Avatar - What Did You Think?

James Cameron's Avatar is now in theaters worldwide, and chances are if /Film is your daily stop for movie news, you've already seen it (or are seeing it later this weekend). I would like to hear your thoughts on the film.

That doesn't mean leaving a comment that says "it was AWESOME" or AVATAR sucked!" I want to read your mini review. Forget the hype. Forget the promise of a film which would revolutionize cinema, that was never going to happen. I want to hear what you liked, hated, loved, and so on. Were you amazed at the expansive alien world that Cameron created? Did you become immersed in the 3D projection? Did you forget that you were watching motion captured computer animated blue cat people? Or did the simplistic storyline and sometimes laughable dialogue take you out of it? Will you see the movie in theaters again?   Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

image via: Buzzfeed