UK Trailer For Alice In Wonderland Features Key New Footage

The new UK trailer for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is markedly different from the US cut in some very significant ways, all of which you can check out for yourself by viewing the embedded version lurking below the break.

This edit has an extended new opening section that shows us scenes from the non-Wonderland set-up to the film, all taking place at a garden party during which Alice is proposed to. Note how her suitor, Hamish, has orange hair and goofy teeth at least a little bit evocative of the Mad Hatter's. You can also snap a brief look at Alice's mother, elder sister and Faith and Fiona Chataway, a pair of giggly teenage girls who just don't "get" Alice at all. If you still somehow thought that this was a straight adaptation of the book, this trailer should pull the wool off of your eyes.

Once Alice is shown falling down the rabbit hole and peering through the tiny door, we're back to the footage from yesterday's new US trailer. Later along the way, a few shots are omitted and then, finally, the date card is changed. In the US you get promised the film for March 5th, we in the UK just get a vague 2010.

Why are the two trailers so different? Who knows. Maybe the UK trailer will only be playing in 2D and some of these shots haven't had their dimensionalisation completed yet? That's just a wild guess – I may be completely wrong.

Each subsequent Alice and Wonderland trailer is proving to be more convincing to me than the last. Indeed, by now I'm actually feeling very enthusiastic about this film. I definitely enjoyed reading Linda Woolverton's screenplay and thanks to the myriad ideas that Burton has woven in to the design – that hair and teeth thing, to give a simple example that wasn't on the page – I'm now bobbing along and buoyant at my usual level of excitement for one of his movies.