Paranormal Entity Movie Trailer, Asylum's Take On Paranormal Activity

I'm not exactly sure what direct-to-DVD masterminds The Asylum could add to their own version of Paranormal Activity. The film was already incredibly low-budget, so I'm thinking they're just going to focus on doubling up on their special-sauce of s***. Now we have the trailer for Asylum's Paranormal Entity, and it's pretty much everything I expected: A mashup of Blair Witch meets Paranormal Activity, with little originality on the horizon.

Actual footage of the events leading to the 2008 "murder" of Samantha Finley. This DVD, released against the wishes of the authorities, proves that nothing human caused Samantha's death.

It seems like Asylum is really pushing the found footage angle of this thing — so much so that they're not even listing director or actor credits. Sadly, a lack of credits doesn't do much to make this trailer seem like that of a true story.

Give it a look:

We get two Paranormal Activity-esque shots of a guy in a bed, then a woman standing in her underwear, all the while someone is making a "frantic" 911 call Blair Witch-style. Cut to shock imagery. Screams. Etc.

Despite how this film may look, it will still probably bring out the Paranormal Activity haters in droves. I'm not sure how some people can get nothing out of that film, especially when it's one of the greatest examples of a modern film working purely on a primal level of suspense. Oh well.

Obviously somebody must be watching Asylum's movies, otherwise I have no clue how they're continuing to get made. They're definitely the biggest name I can think for sub-B-grade movies today, so I suppose that niche is probably treating them well.

Paranormal Entity hits DVD on December 29th.