Mystery Team Extends NYC Run, Demand It!

DERRICK Comedy's feature film debut Mystery Team had the fourth-highest per screen average this past weekend, a period during which they were the second-most Demanded thing on Eventful. Demand the film come to your city.  I've been told that they're trying to respond to those demands in as timely a fashion as their schedule and budget will allow.

The film's New York City run has been extended through next week (showtimes), and they will have a special limited engagement this Friday and Saturday night at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque, NM. Several more cities will be announced soon. Derrick will be in New York doing Q&As every night, and handing out swords to people who see the movie twice, until the end of the run.

This morning we received a very nice e-mail from DERRICK, which they said we could share with you, our readers. You can read that letter after the jump.

Our movie "Mystery Team" is about three kids who decide to do something no one believes they can do. Likewise, when we set out to make this film, and honestly, at every step of the way since, we were five kids trying to do so something no one believed we could. But eventually, some extremely talented, smart, influential people got wind of what we're doing, and, though they stood to gain nothing by it, they decided to believe in us. That was you guys, the online film community.You believed in us. You continue to help us at every opportunity. It is an honor for our movie to have been taken up in such a profoundly enthusiastic way by the new vanguard of film writers and their readership. You're changing the way movies find audiences, and vice versa. Your support continues to mean the world to us, and be the difference-maker at every tough spot along the rough road of releasing an independent film. Thank you again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.Yours,DERRICK Comedy

(Dominic Dierkes, Dan Eckman, Donald Glover, Meggie McFadden, and DC Pierson)