Twilight Producer Wyck Godfrey Confirms "Every Intention To Make Breaking Dawn"

Okay, you guys don't have any time for Twilight, I get it. But what do you know about how utterly bizarre – and seemingly unmarketable – the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn gets? It's not your standard mopey emo fare, that's for sure.

There's been plenty of speculation about when, or even if, Summit could bring Breaking Dawn to the screen. It's a story that features a surprising amount of sex, even some rather surreal sex, and perhaps some transgressive sexual perversity – some notches beyond the vamp biting stuff from the series overall, which is a "safe" sexual metaphor acceptable for the tween market now, it would seem.

According to a new video interview with Making Of, clearly conducted before New Moon was released to record breaking bank, producer Wyck Godfrey promises that a big screen adaptation of the series' final volume will follow. "There's every intention to make Breaking Dawn", he simply states. Does it really need to get any more official than that? Here's the video.

I really don't know why anybody should be more interested in seeing Breaking Dawn than Twilight, New Moon or the Eclipse one, neither buying into either the It's-So-Bad-It's-Good mindset nor any desire to see this whole emotween phenom go batcrap crazy and implode. Aren't bad films just bad? I certainly don't find them funny. Sad and pathetic, sometimes, but mainly tiring and infuriating.

I dread to think what would happen if the soft outer rings of Twilight viewers were suddenly plunged into the Breaking Dawn novel's world of toxic vampire super-sperm and Wolfboy baby love (as in, Jacob Black falls in love – "romantic love" – with an infant). I'm quite sure things will be... er... tidied up a bit in the screenplay adaptation. Perhaps that's what is delaying the announcement of a start date? Perhaps team Twilight are trying to rework the material in a way that they'll still be able to get a PG-13 rating at the same time as at least loosely resembling their source.