Sacha Gervasi Gives Details Of Anvil's Appearance In Green Hornet

Some thought the idea of Seth Rogen playing The Green Hornet was weird enough, and then we heard about Michel Gondry's plans for timewarping action sequences. Then after that we heard that the band Anvil were being recruited to play themselves in the film and I think it was about then that the room really started spinning for a good handful of folk. Just what kind of film are they making here? What sort of tone will it have?

To those of you not sure how much more of this beautiful oddness you can take, grab onto something solid right now. Embedded below the break is a video of Anvil! The Story of Anvil director Sacha Gervasi discussing just what the band get up to in their cameo.

I will leave the video, which comes courtesy of Making Of, to do the spoiling for me. It tells us when in the film the band appear, what happens to them and, most bizarrely, their reaction to this.

Doing a bit of digging, it seems that the LA Times carried a tiny bit, though certainly not all, of this info back in October. They also reported that Anvil only filmed for one day – Wednesday October 7th – in the midst of their ongoing Oscar campaing.

In fact, the main thrust of the LA Times piece was that Anvil! is now something of a long-shot Oscar contender. The film was the first of this year's Academy Awards screener discs to be sent out which appears to bode well for gongs if you consider that some of the previous films to get this honour include Little Miss Sunshine, Junebug and Frozen River.

There's still a piece of me that doesn't quite believe Anvil are real or that I'm missing something, a piece of the puzzle that will either let me in on the joke completely or stop The Story of Anvil seeming like a borderline contender for faked-up mockumentary status.