Plot Details For Paranormal Activity Director Oren Peli's Area 51

With Paranormal Activity turning out to be a massive success, all eyes are on director Oren Peli's upcoming project, Area 51. Obviously, the film will likely deal with the titular American military base which has been home to all sorts of conspiracies, in particular aliens. Up until now, we've heard murmurs that the film was about three teenager exploring Area 51, and that it will employ a similar narrative to Paranormal Activity. Further details remained tightly under wraps–that is until our friends over at Latino Review landed a look at the film's script/outline.

Potential spoilers for Area 51 after the break.

And yes, apparently the film begins with Chris testing out his new video camera. We can assume from this that the film will look and feel like Paranormal, except perhaps for those creepy nighttime fast-forward sequences. I'm not knocking Peli for trying to use the same formula once again, I just hope that he'll be able to show us more variety down the line.

As someone who was practically raised on UFO, alien, and Area 51 mythology, Peli pretty much already had my ticket with the title—especially since I also loved Paranormal Activity. He did well with establishing the characters in that film, which made the supernatural aspects all the more effective. Hopefully he'll continue that trend in Area 51 and give us another original stab at a seemingly overdone subject.

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