Casting Notes: Michael Fassbender Fires A Single Shot; William H. Macy And More In Dirty Girl; Goth Icon Peter Murphy Cameos In Twilight 3

It's casting notes time again! First up, Michael Fassbender, the British film critic lieutenant from Inglourious Basterds, has been cast in the thriller A Single Shot, working under director David Jacobson. He's appearing alongside a great cast: William H. Macy, Thomas Haden Church and a newly slim Forest Whitaker. (Seriously, check out this pic of Whitaker in The Experiment. Give the guy a sandwich!) Fassbender will be a poacher on the run from killers — we don't yet know the killers, but it's not difficult to speculate that Church and Whitaker might be the guys.[Variety]

After the break, more William H. Macy news, with Juno Temple, and an on-the-nose vampiric turn from the guy who reminded us that Bela Lugosi is dead.

Macy will also be in Dirty Girl, with a cast that now includes Lisa Kudrow, Sally Hawkins and Juno Temple. First-timer Abe Sylvia is directing the film about "a high school tramp who runs away with the school's gay, fat kid in his homophobic dad's stolen car." Expect an '80s soundtrack and "Broadway-style dance numbers" since Sylvia is a Broadway performer and director. A return to the big old musical that isn't something from Rob Marshall? OK, I'm curious. (And I don't dislike Marshall; I just want to see other things than Oscar-bait projects like Chicago and Nine.)

Juno Temple is the title character, Danielle, Hawkins is her 'reformed slut' mother, Macy is mom's Mormon fiance. Awesome. [THR]

Finally, David Slade and Summit are really courting the franchise's gothy fanbase by nabbing veteran singer Peter Murphy for a cameo in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Murphy is ex of Bauhaus, a solo artist in his own right and recently partner with Trent Reznor in the Nine Inch Nails farewell tour. Murphy appears as "a predecessor of the warring vampire factions" the Cullens and Volturi during a flashback that explains backstory about vampire and werewolf strife. [MTV]