Heath Ledger's DirecTV Commercial

Last week the online world threw a big fuss over DirecTV's newest television advertisement, which features David Spade pimping the satellite service in an altered scene from Tommy Boy, which of course includes his dead friend, comedian Chris Farley. And you may remember, this isn't the first time DirecTV has been accused of profiting off of the dead, as they came under fire last year for the same thing, with a similar ad altering Poltergeist, featuring Heather O'Rourke, an actress who died tragically in 1988 at age 12.

When is this disgusting trend going to end? LandlineTV have created a faux DirecTV commercial showing where these tasteless advertising stunts might lead if we don't put a stop to it now — that's right... Heath Ledger plugs DirecTV in a digitally altered scene from The Dark Knight. And it doesn't end there... Landline has also produced a couple more DirecTV commercials featuring John F Kennedy and Jesus Christ, because... why not? Watch the advertisement after the jump.

Note: Some people seem to be taking this one too seriously... its supposed to be a joke. It's funny, laugh. No, we never expected DirecTV to use Heath Ledger to promote their product in television commercials... or at least we hope not. And it seems like everyone in the comments are using "well Farley's family approved it, so its okay." Poor taste is not decided by the family of the dead actor, that's just a ridiculous statement.