Avatar Updates - Trailer Comparison Video And International Posters

I think the real world (or le monde, as the image has it above) is starting to wake up to James Cameron's Avatar. Within the last two days I've been asked about the film by three non-cineaste and non-geek folk, the type who seldom go to the cinema at all and rarely take a punt on anything in some way off the wall or 'risky'. They seemed keen on this one though and from what I could make out they all seemed to be expecting the most epic action film ever made. Is that what they'll get?

After the break, a closer look at the new Avatar trailer and some rather interesting Russian and French posters for the picture.

Vimeo user Gurisa edited together the following video which allows a clear and easy comparison between the effects work seen in the teaser with that in the new trailer. I was actually an hour into my own comparison when I found this, so I'm particularly grateful to Gurisa for the hard work.

There was a range of Russian Avatar posters over at Kinopoisk but almost as soon as I saved them, they vanished without explanation. I feel it's my duty to park them here now, then. At least until they vanish again.


The same gallery also featured this French poster which declares a release date of December 16th. The plot thickens.


See how they lean towards the orange a lot more than the posters we've already seen? There's not really this much orange in any of the official stills, either – though, of course, we saw plenty in the trailers and great deal in the Avatar Day footage. In places, this will be a rather orange film.

Is there some sly marketing plan that involves slowly introducing orange into the marketing materials? Maybe. Or maybe that idea is just nuts. Cameron's definitely using the colour scheme to some effect in the movie, but are that advertisements really keying into that?