New Clip From The Box Features The Strangest Car Ride Ever

Like many, I'm eagerly awaiting Richard Kelly's upcoming sci-fi thriller The Box. I've loved pretty much everything I've seen promoting the film, and the clip below has ramped up my excitement even further. It comes courtesy of MTV Movie blog, where Kelly also details how he went about convincing Win Butler and Regine Chassagne (of Arcade Fire) to score the film along with Owen Pallett (from the band Final Fantasy).

We do get to hear a bit of the score in the clip, and I'm definitely liking it. It's heavy on the strings and helps to build suspense quite well—even though we have no clue about the context of this scene between James Marsden and Gillian Jacobs. Kelly mentions that the score is probably worth the price of admission alone. I wouldn't expect any less from such a talented trio.

View the clip after the break:

It's sort of remarkable that such a clip can work without any setup, but in my opinion it truly does. The combination of the score, coupled with Gillian Jacobs enigmatic dialog and near-robotic (on purpose, I think) delivery, drew me in. At this point I'm dying to see the film just to figure out what the heck is going on in this scene. It's clear that Jacobs has some knowledge of the mystery behind the box and its mysterious stranger, and the way its revealed is downright chilling.

It probably won't take much for this film to please me. I have an irrational love for moral dilemma stories, and when they're in the form of sci-fi even better. As someone who loved Donnie Darko, and admired Southland Tales, I just hope that Kelly finds some semblance of mainstream success with this film.

Discuss: Are you as excited for The Box as I am? Does this clip work for you, or am I just a crazy person for being so compelled by it?