Shoot And Edit A Movie On The iPhone

Your iPhone 3g might allow you to shoot video, but unless you're a one-shot Scorsese, you still need iMovie to create a presentable phone shot film...  But a new app has been released which might change everything. ReelDirector gives users the ability to stitch videos together, add titles, transitions and other effects. Watch a video demonstration after the jump to see the app and all of its powers.

  • Add and stitch together clips, drag-and-drop to rearrange order.
  • Add text watermarks of title, opening credits and closing credits with 4 styles and 9 positions to choose from.
  • Put transitions between clips to smooth or blend the change from one scene to another. With 27 transitions to choose from, create professional looking videos with ease and fun.
  • Share your movies by email or save to Camera Roll.

I'm convinced we'll someday see a feature film, both shot and edited on an iPhone on the big screen at Sundance, but could it possibly be anything more than a novelty? Now the only question is... who will be the first person to shoot and edit a movie completely on their iPhone? Also, will that person submit to Sundance, or send the video instantly to YouTube?

I haven't tried this app out yet as I'm still holding out for an official iMovie app, which seems like an obvious step. But at $7.99, it seems like a steal.

via: gizmodo