Photos: New Shot Of Tony Stark In Iron Man 2; First Look At Liam Neeson's Zeus In Clash Of The Titans

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When Paramount and Jon Favreau brought footage of Iron Man 2 to Comic Con, we saw a scene where Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), mostly in his Iron Man suit, has a conversation in a donut shop with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Now we've got a shot from that scene, sadly only featuring Stark. Fury must have been ordering another couple crullers.

You can see the full shot after the break, along with some shots of Liam Neeson/Zeus and his Silverhawks armor from the new Clash of the Titans.

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That's well and good, but check out Liam Neeson as Zeus in Clash of the Titans. Like I said, holy Silverhawks! (I know, there are other things Zeus's armor resembles, and to a lot of people it will cry Excalibur — which Neeson was in, of course — but Silverhawks came to mind and I'm running with it.) I'm not saying I don't like it, and he could well look like a quicksilver killer in the film proper, but this shot? Wow. Pretty far cry from the more benevolent, classic-looking white-robed Zeus played by Sir Laurence Olivier in the original film. Tell me the father of the Greek gods gets a little Taken bloodlust going in this version and I'll be happy.

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EW has these shots as part of one of the mag's big multi-click preview galleries. Click through there to see two more Clash of the Titans shots, one of Polly Walker as Cassiopeia and another from Zeus's set, where you can see Neeson's stand-in (or stunt double) and more of the set. In addition, you'll find green-screen behind the scenes photos from The Lovely Bones and 2012, and regular behind the scenes photos from Nine and Date Night.

Empire also has a handful of new Clash of the Titans shots. I love the one of the three witches/oracles/fates, and I want to know what the hell the guy standing next to Perseus is in the other shot I've excerpted below. Head to Empire for all their shots.